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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 8, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> we have taken very strong and serious discipline. >> tonight oakland's mayor tells several police officers they are fired for a sex scandal. first a bay area security guard pulling a gun on a driver for running over a traffic cone. that happened outside the mall in san jose. kpix 5's betty yu is there tonight. >> reporter: the driver's attorney says he tried to reason when the security guard and tell told him to drop the gun but it didn't work. he called the behavior of both guards outrageous and said the video proves it.
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for several minutes the driver stared at the barrel of a security guard's gun in terror because he accidentally ran over a traffic cone. the attorney says it wasn't long before the guards' super visor showed up to in-- supervisor showed up to intimidate him. >> he pulled a gun on me. >> unlock your door -- [ indiscernible ] >> unlock your door or i am going to take out your window. >> the drama started when the driver stopped in a line of cars, trying to leave a garage. the driver in front of him put his car in reverse so he moved into another lane and drove over a cone. the lawsuit claims the first
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guard was aggressive and out of control. came running after him and drew his gun. pulled the gup on him and aimed the gun at him with his finger on the trigger. >> why are you taking out my window? >> reporter: next his supervisor. san jose police showed up and determined the guards didn't have a permit to carry the guns and didn't have a security guard license. it took place in december of last year and the lawsuit was filed last week. the driver is suing the mall, the security company and the guards. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. just coming in tonight, san jose police arrested this man for a string of car shootings. michael james lee lewis faces multiple charges including attempted murder. police believe he shot up at
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least 10 vehicles between may and august. detectives searched his house and found the gun that matches the one used in the shootings. he is 30-years-old and a felon. he will be booked into jail. sex, cops and a teenager. tonight oakland's mayor tells officers you are fired. christin ayers is at city hall tonight. >> reporter: yeah. four officers fired according to liby shaft. 7 other officers suspected. attempted salt to lying to investigators. >> reporter: first the apology from the mayor. >> i am deeply sorry for the harm the scandal has caused, particularly to community trust. >> then the bomb shell from the city administrator. >> the city issued notices today that intends to terminate four members of the oakland police department. >> reporter: four oakland police officers fired. 7 others suspected without pay for an investigation into
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sexual misconduct involving this woman. celeste guap. the investigation was 20 hours of interviews with celeste guap, and social media examined, with 28,000 text messages. >> we believe that we have taken very strong and serious discipline and it sends a loud message about what our expectations for the conduct and professionalism of police officers. >> reporter: she said she was unclear whether celeste guap heard about the firings. she was recently arrested at a rehab facility. police paid for her treatment. a possible conflict of interest since officers there are being investigated for sexual misconduct with her. >> we refer you to that deapartment. all i can say -- department. all i can say we offered celeste guap support and help that was locally based.
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>> this was a surprising number of officers that were involved. >> reporter: kpix 5 police analyst says the disciplinary action the mayor is taking is a step in the right direction as worries persist the department is mistrusted. >> they are in a place where they should put -- hit it reset button and start over building trust in the community and demonstrating they are capable of policing the city the way they are supposed to. this is, you know, several bad apples that spoil the entire barrel. >> reporter: city officials have also promised policy changes. it is unclear whether the officers will face criminal charges. there is a criminal investigation going on at the district attorney's office. christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the police officers can appeal, the mayor says some may
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have already resigned. one of the most popular places in san francisco has a dangerous problem. and the city knows it. what are they going to do about it? kpix 5's joe vazquez learned about the changes coming to golden gate park. >> reporter: golden gate park can be a quiet oasis. a hub of athletic activities. and most evenings a freeway for cars zipping through the park. >> increase in cars. particularly in speed. we want to slow the traffic down. >> the city is fast tracking a plan to install 10 speed humps. starting at transverse drive to the great highway. >> i think it is a good idea. family place. you know? and cars should not speed ever. >> reporter: there are similar speed bumps in the center of
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the park. there is a difference between speed bumps and humps. humps are longer and wider and have a gradual float. it follows a fatal car wreck in june. she was riding her bike through golden gate park. a hit-and-run driver smashed in to her. police later arrested a 19-year- old and charged him with murder. >> >> i almost get hit when i am running. i think it is important to have that awareness. >> the plan is to have the golden gate park speed humps installed by november. joe vazquez, kpix 5. steph curry is backing colin kaepernick and his decision to protest the national anthem. >> i love that there is freedom of speech and he can stand for what he leaves in. there will be people that disagree, agree with him. hopefully we will drive the
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conversation to bettering the equal rights and treatments of african americans and people of color. >> president obama has also defended colin kaepernick. today he said he appreciates the support. >> you know, i think it was something that he also realizes there are issues that need to be addressed and need changing in the country. great that he came out and supported the message. >> nfl commissioner roger goodel is weighing in for the first time. he said i support our players when they want to see change in society. on the other hand we believe very strongly in patriotism in the nfl. i believe very strongly in that. colin kaepernick's jerseys are flying off the shelves. he will donate all proceeds from the jersey sales to charity. and the santa clara police union threatened to boycott working at levi stadium because
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of colin kaepernick. the mayor says together we can demonstrate freedom of speech and public safety are important and can co exist in our community. hillary clinton and donald trump stood there answering questions. just not at the same time. >> reporter: that's right. they appeared back to back that commander in chief forum in new york city. the first joint event of the election. they answered questions. hillary clinton went first and couldn't escape questions about her private e-mail server scandal. the democratic presidential nominee is trusting it was not hacked. >> mass shooting -- in legislature there is no -- -- there is no evidence my system
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was hacked. >> reporter: she accused trump of being in favor of the war. >> i was against the war in iraq because it would destabilized the middle east which it has. and by the way, perhaps almost as bad was the way president obama got out. that was disaster. >> reporter: trump was put in a tricky position because he had to focus on change. >> that is a very difficult thing to do in a room full of military people. you are saying things are not going well right now but ytnot your fault -- but it is not your fault. [ indiscernible ] it is not your fault. >> reporter: they will face-off in a their first debate september 26. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. thousands of cars in the bay area broken in to every year. tonight the tools finally
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helping to serve the epidemic. >> and the warning going out tonight, stay out of the water, your dog too. the san jose lakes that have been shut down. >> apple unveils its new iphone. tonight why a bay ar,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shooting death of a pregnant teenager in san pablo are under arrest. the suspect in the shooting death of a pregnant teenager are under arrest. officers found the man on the left hiding in an apartment this morning. the other guy later turned himself in. the 18-year-old and her unborn baby died monday night. police are investigating the motive for the shooting. chances are you or someone you know has had your car broken in to. an epidemic right now in san francisco and other cities as well but tonight andria borba found out it looks like car owners are finally catching a break. >> reporter: that's right.
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the apist two years a -- the past two years this would have been a prime target for burglars. tonight san francisco appears to be turning the tide. >> reporter: safety glass litters the gutter. and in the marina a burglar makes work of an suv window. diving in and making off with a backpack just last week. but according to new numbers the epideppic has -- epidemic has take an nose dive. this year the number is 13,640. a drop of 18%. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in may kpix 5 introduced you to the sfpd
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squad tasked with this. >> accumulation of a lot of hard work and dedications from officers. >> reporter: there have been undercover operations. a key is surveillance video. with the face of suspects caught on surveillance camera. >> if you can i.d. someone that helps you solve the crime. >> reporter: now, san francisco police department arrested several people but with 13,000 burglaries there is still more work to be done. andria borba, kpix 5. in southern california thieves caught on camera striking a home in seconds. look at this. police say the thieves followed a delivery truck as they drop off packages. in this case they swiped the items once they were dropped off on a porch in north hollywood. then the thieves loaded them into their van and took off.
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>> we want to remind folks to be more careful with packages delivered. >> this involved $1,000 in merchandise. big question for apple, does the new iphone pack enough pizazz to revive slumping sales? what is knew, what is gone and what is causing health concerns. >> the new camera. >> the wireless head phones. >> bigger hard drive. >> reporter: water resistant and vibrates. alabama says it is faster, a longer battery life and comes with a camera, two, that will rival professionals. maybe the most significant change, no more head phone port. >> a great connector. >> reporter: head phones will
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plug into the lightning port. >> comes down to courage. >> the company highlighted 900 million lightning connected devices and apple says new phones will include an adapter however -- >> we believe in a wireless future. >> reporter: then apple introduced the new wireless pods. >> makes no sense to tether ourselves to our mobile devices. >> why would you want to put a microwave emitting device next to your brain. >> reporter: they retail for $159. they will be available in october. if you use bluetooth, keep them turned off when they are not in use and when it comes to talking on a cell phone, never
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touch it to your body while it is in use. there is a minimum distance for all cell phones. julie watts, kpix 5. >> the ftc says low levels of radiation emitted by bluetooth devices are safe. chopper 5 over the lakes this afternoon. both lake areas have been closed because of elevated levels of a toxic blue green alagy. it could be deadly for dogs so keep animals away from the water. they will remain closed till further notice. one of america's most beautiful national parks is about to get bigger. today yosemite announced it is adding 400 acres of habit. the new addition is called acerson meadow. it is home to hundreds of plant
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and animal species. it used to belong to private land holders but the trust bought it up. just in time for its 100th birthday. the price tag a cool $2.3 million. what do you think? is it worth it? this is the largest expansion in 70 years. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous. and september one of the best years to visit, 75 with sunshine. if you like it chilly, over night lows low 40s. san francisco, today, the warmest day of the summer. 82 degrees. the warmest day in the city may 17. 113 days ago. warm tomorrow. not as warm. mild night inland. concord 75. livermore 74. san francisco 60. san jose 69 degrees. 60s in oakland and santa rosa. over night tonight 60s for lows. mountain view 61.
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san jose 60. mid-50s napa. redwood city 59 degrees. better air quality tomorrow. we were unhealthy today. tomorrow everybody is moderate. it will not be a spare the air day tomorrow because things are changing. first, 99 fairfield and 97 concord. strong ridge close to us. limited onshore flow. tomorrow forget about the ridge. a low-pressure system southwest of los angeles. really far away. giving us south winds. onshore flow. any onshore flow will drag the ocean influence in. 57 degrees right now. low cloud cover returning to the coast line and tomorrow sunshine in oakland but temperatures will not hit the 80s. only the mid-60s. getting cooler tomorrow. 6 degrees below average in
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oakland. south bay, beautiful day. union city 78. warm but not hot. 85 pittsburg. 86 pleasant hill. san francisco 68 degrees tomorrow. cooler. sunonea 82. 90 degrees in beautiful lake county, clear lake, 89 degrees. warmer friday. cooler over the weekend and next week drop 5 to 10 degrees below average as low pressure passes bay to the north. glad you have the orange tie memo. >> i think it looks good. [ talking at the same time ] coming up, tim cook showed off his new iphone today,
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dog in san francisco: tonight, she is back safely with her owner.
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update on a stolen dog in san francisco. tonight she is back safely with her owner. that is the good news. someone stole the dog yesterday from in front of the whole foods on 4th and harrison. we learned today the dog has been found. we didn't know where or if suspects have been identified. could tick cook give up apple to become a singer? tonight, you be the judge. [ singing ] [ laughter ] >> apple ceo joined the late late show for carpool karaoke. you can catch the show right here on kpix 5. >> funny how that worked out on the day the iphone was leased. [ talking at the same time ]
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tiger woods hasn't exactly analled like fine wine but he might be drinking next month and could the giants' bullpen save the game and the
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bullpen is just one of them..entrusted with a 2-run lead in the 9th inning in a series they could have and sh the post all star giants have issues. a lot of issues. the bullpen is just one of them. a two run lead in the 9th inning. enough to drive bruce bochy batty. tied with colorado at 1-1. brandon belt hits this one 457 feet. second longest of his career. giants 3-1. the lead is 5-3. but them he can't keep it that way. 5-4 and bochy pulls him out of
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the game. joe nathan with a chance for the save. but no, hunter pence's chase is for not. game winning walk off. the giants lose a stunner. a heart breaker. 6-5. and the news gets worse. dodgers win. 5 up in the national league west and the cardinals and mets are knocking on the wildcard door. the a's, one run allowed in his big league debut. he crushes a solo shot into left field bleachers. 7th home run since being called up in july. a's beat the angels 4-1. guess who is coming to a golf course near you? tiger woods will play in the safeway open in napa in october. he hasn't played in over a
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year. phil mickelson and tiger woods in the same game. the u.s. open. serena williams. got a scare. she dropped her first set of the tournament. first set she dropped in, what, a year? she regrouped and advanced to the semi finals tomorrow ,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. late show with stephen
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colbert next. next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. highlights of the giants game. highlights of the giants game. you will see them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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